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Stunning Siding Solutions

Elevate Your Home’s Exterior!

Chris Tian Construction, LLC, brings forward an impeccable range of siding solutions for homes and businesses. Vinyl, Composite, and CertainTeed products give your property a new look and ensure long-lasting protection.

Siding Contractors of Choice in Grafton, OH, and Serving Northern Ohio

When it comes to enhancing your property’s exterior, no one does it better than us in Grafton, OH, and serving Northern Ohio. As the leading siding contractors, we provide top-notch solutions tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re looking for vinyl siding contractors or aiming to explore composite options, our expertise ensures flawless execution and results that stand out in aesthetics and durability.

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Transform & Protect with Premium Siding

Choosing the right siding for your property is transformative. It not only rejuvenates the aesthetics but also plays a crucial role in protecting against elements. Our siding services offer dual benefits: they amp up your property’s curb appeal and provide a shield against the harshest weather. Experience a blend of beauty and functionality, sans the hefty maintenance.

Vinyl Siding Contractors in Grafton, OH

At Chris Tian Construction, LLC, we specialize in various siding solutions, with vinyl being a popular choice among residents in Grafton, OH, and serving Northern Ohio. As a trusted vinyl siding company, our aim is to deliver impeccable finishes, ensuring that each project we undertake reflects our commitment to quality, professionalism, and the unique touch that only local expertise can bring.

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Step into a future where your home’s siding stands the test of time. With our lifetime manufacturers warranty and 10-year labor warranty, you are set for years of peace and aesthetic grace.