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Chris Tian Construction, LLC, presents a game-changer in roof repairs. From asphalt roofing fixes to meticulous metal roofing restorations, our commitment to excellence is unparalleled.

Comprehensive Roof Repair in Grafton, OH, and Serving Northern Ohio

When you’re faced with roof damages in Grafton, OH, and serving Northern Ohio you need a reliable partner who understands the intricacies of roof repair. At Chris Tian Construction, LLC, our services stretch beyond simple fixes. We’re a roof repair company that combines the craftsmanship of traditional roofing repair techniques with the innovation of modern tools, ensuring that your roof withstands the tests of time and nature.

beige house with workers on top of the roofing fixing some parts of a roofing

From Leaks to Complete Overhauls

Ever faced that sinking feeling when you spot a roof leak? It’s not just about the visible damage; it’s about the potential harm underneath. Our solution goes beyond the surface. We dive deep, addressing root causes, and ensuring a comprehensive repair. Our services bring benefits like enhanced longevity, improved aesthetics, and protection against elements, translating to peace of mind for you.

Metal Roof Repair & More in Grafton, OH

At Chris Tian Construction, LLC, we pride ourselves on offering specialized services tailored to your needs. Whether it’s a metal roof repair or a shingle roof repair in Grafton, OH, and serving Northern Ohio, we’ve got the expertise and tools to restore your roof’s integrity. Partner with us, and be assured of quality, dedication, and a roof that stands strong and beautiful.

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